Kindness in the times of #COVID19 : Indian Edition Part 2

Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan
More tales of kindness from India during the COVID lockdown.

covid19 kindness

Despite struggling from poverty himself, farmer Datta Ram Patil distributes the entire wheat from 1 acre of his 3 acre farm to the needy.


Residents of Ganesh Nagar in Sambalpur are looking after the daily wage workers in their locality by collecting and providing rations directly to them. Each family is provided 5 kgs of rice and 1 kg of dal along with soaps and hand sanitizers. The families have also been told to inform the residents of Ganesh Nagar when supplies are low so that the latter can provide more. 


The Guru Nanak College in Chennai has opened their doors to migrant workers who are stuck due to the COVID19 lockdown. The migrants are provided accommodation and food at the college campus in Velachery. 

Migrant workers in Chennai


Members of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) in Kolkata prepare food boxes before distributing them among migrant workers and people in need. 

men preparing food during covid lockdown



Noting how animals too are suffering during the lockdown due to starvation, the Rajasthan Police initiated measures to feed stray dogs, cattle and even monkeys during the lockdown. Along with various NGOs, they provide over 15,000 chapatis to stray animals and birds every day.

6 year old child artist Debangkita Banerjee first donated Rs 10,000 - all the money she had saved from her musical performances. When she felt it was not enough, she started singing in the local market places during permissable hours, asking people to contribute if they liked her performance. She collected Rs 70,000 which she promptly donated to the chief minister’s COVID-19 relief fund. 

child donating money


old lady in a car

donating food


Residents in Jamia Nagar also provided essential commodities to those worst affected during lockdown.

Labourers who had been provided food and accommodation while being kept in quarantine inside a government school in Sikar, Rajasthan decided to express their gratitude by helping school back and repainting all the buildings.

labourers painting school

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  4. It's heartening to learn of these acts of kindness during the pandemic. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Wonderful to read such positive stories in the time of distress! Thank you for sharing! :)

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