Completing the #BlogchatterA2Z Challenge - Reflections

by - May 04, 2020

I did it. 
I completed the 2020 BlogchatterA2Z challenge where a blogger writes 26 posts a month (based on the 26 alphabets) revolving around a particular theme.

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This is my 5th year taking up and completing this challenge. And while the first year (2016) had been about TV Sitcoms, the four years since have been about showcasing real-life heroes who do kind deeds that often do not get enough attention around the world.

That has always been my aim with this series - to give them the spotlight they deserve.
In 2020 too, I did 26 posts on Heroes of Kindness. I featured more heroes this time, counting a total of 60 stories within those 26 articles. A large part of this number comes from the last three posts which I dedicated exclusively to kind acts done (both globally and in India) during this COVID19 lockdown that has affected us all.

The Alexa Rankings during this challenge have been phenomenal. 

I do not know what my ranking was during the viral post 'Why I will Never Allow My Child to Be A Doctor in India' (at it's peak in 2015, for nearly 5 days, there were 300+ people reading the article every second!) but based on what information I have, this is the highest Alexa Ranking I have ever achieved since 2017, a clear sign that the footfalls to the site were way more during this challenge.

graph of alexa ranking

Alexa Ranking for Godyears in mid-March 2020 -
World: 314,800
India: 75,200

Alexa Ranking for Godyears on April 30, 2020 -
World: 128,900 (Rise: 59%)
India: 9090 (Rise: 87.9%)

Regret during this challenge

Sadly, unlike previous years, I could not interview any heroes this time. I got to the last stage of the usual process and had even sent the questionnaires to a few after chatting with them for awhile but the corona crisis affected us all in different ways and I chose not to push for answers during these trying times.

Positive Change

If that was one negative for me compared to previous years, there is one positive change too this year: for the first time, I will be releasing all their stories as an e-book, aiming to brighten your day by giving you a bite-sized collection of happy, inspiring stories. 

I have been afraid of doing so in the past, mainly because I did not know how to create the e-book format. This time, I have been reading the articles put up by the Blogchatter mentors (bloggers who had gone on to publish their work in previous years) and am definitely grateful to the tips and advice they have offered. (Conversely, if my final book ends up being trash / error-prone and causes your mobile phone to explode, we can point fingers at them.)

I am currently in the final stages of editing the book myself and I sincerely hope you enjoy it when it's done. Have a good day.

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  1. This is amazing. I'd love to read that ebook. Another blogger who has already published an ebook has shared a video of her experiences. You might find that helpful. I have missed out on a couple of your posts and I'd love to read your ebook. Congratulations on completing the challenge and thank you for sharing the stories of such amazing heroes!

    1. I have been going through the tutorials and articles posted by blogchatter mentors to hopefully make the book a good effort in the end.

  2. Good Luck with the editing... It is tough!

  3. I would love to read that ebook. Good luck, Roshan. Hope you are well.

  4. will be waiting to read the book. It is so inspiring to read all these stories. Something we truly need in this world.


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