Best Malayalam Movies of the Last Decade Available on Amazon Prime

by - October 01, 2020

After a disastrous first decade that overdid the 'slow-motion entry hero who bashes a dozen single-handed' template that sadly still remains synonymous even today with Indian movies, Malayalam cinema bounced back strongly in the next decade with truly elevated fare that was meaningful, insightful, captivating and even genre-bending at times.

OTT platforms (over-the-top) like Amazon, Netflix and Hotstar have opened the doors for these movies to reach a wider audience beyond the shores of Kerala and we are finding more and more viewers discovering and being openly appreciative of just how good these movies are. With OTT platforms not going anywhere in the near future considering the start of this decade, I thought a series on the best Malayalam movies of the last decade would be helpful to those seeking out some good, meaningful cinema. 

Without wasting any more time singing paeans, let's get to the first list of what will be an extended series, ultimately offering you over 70 - in no particular order - of the best Malayalam movies of the last decade that you should consider watching. 

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The ones in this list are currently available on Amazon Prime.

C U Soon

The brilliantly conceptualized C U Soon, shot entirely on an iPhone during the COVID19 lockdown, is an excellent thriller where a naive young man falls for a woman he met online only to become a prime suspect when she ends up missing. As good as the similarly created Hollywood movie Searching.

Kumbalangi Nights

A genre-defying movie that captured the hearts of critics and the public, the tale of 4 sparring siblings who live in a 'house with no door in a locality where everyone throws their unwanted items' find their lives turned around when a budding love story triggers a series of unique events. There is so much meaning in each line, so much symbolism in each image. Forgiveness, love in different forms, gaslighting, redemption, acceptance - everything is here. Watch it now, come back and thank me later.

Android Kunjappan Ver 5.25

A conservative cranky old villager at odds with his son living in the city finds the empty void in his life - and his beliefs - turned upside down when an AI android is delivered to his house.

Ente Ummante Peru

When a naive young man loses his father, he sets out to find out who his biological mother was. Do not be fooled. This is a light-hearted feel good movie with quite a few twists that will keep you smiling till the very end.


A team of freshly trained Keralite police officers are posted in a Maoist prone area for election duty but find themselves struggling with limited ammunition. Unlike what the premise reads, this is a also unique black comedy in addition to being a thriller and a telling look on bureaucracy.


A young woman does not return home one night after work, kick-starting a race against time to solve the puzzle of her whereabouts. One of the few well-done survival thrillers to come out of Malayalam cinema in recent years.


Part-fiction, part true story, this movie focuses on how various sectors of a city worked together to fight against the deadly 2018 Nipah epidemic. One of the best medical thrillers India has ever produced, the huge star cast still has no true heroes or heroines. It is also scary and inspiring to watch in these times of corona 2 years later.

Driving License

When a superstar loses his license, a series of misunderstandings with a motor inspector who was a huge fan of his alters both their lives. 

22 Female Kottayam

A revenge thriller, the movie follows a young Malayali nurse who seeks revenge on the ones who cheated and brutalized her.


The rare 'movie made for the masses that was loved even by the critics', Lucifer deals with the political power play within the state when the leader of a ruling party passes away and features an engaging storyline, good plot twists and a brilliant cast.   


This movie on moral policing and its aftermath on a young couple split the viewers because of the path taken by certain characters in the movie. Go, check it out and see which side of the debate you are on.

AK Ayyappanum Koshiyum

An escalating ego clash between a senior police officer and retired army officer who settles in his village showcases an excellent character study of flawed, raw, real individuals.



Winner of multiple awards nationally and globally for direction, sound & editing, this thinking man's movie follows a seemingly simple plot wherein a bull escapes from a slaughterhouse, resulting in the entire village hunting for it. A breathtaking experience from start to finish, this is visually stunning and showcases a haunting mirror to society.  

Ee Maa Yau

Director Lijo Pellissery (again in this list after Jallikattu) stuns with this dark humour take that is realistic, thought-provoking and yet funny as we deal with the funeral procession procedures following the death of an old villager. His worlds tend to immersive with no clear-cut hero and plenty of gray areas.

A list of the best Malayalam movies of the last decade available on Amazon Prime

Author's note:

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  1. I have never watched a Malayalam movie but heard a lot about them. I am intrigued now and would surely like to catch up on few soon.

    1. With OTT platforms like Amazon and Hotstar available, you can now check them out easily with subtitles... I can promise you you will enjoy them

  2. I've been hearing of C U Soon and plan to watch it soon enough. Thank you for the other recommendations too. Coming from you I'm sure they are worth all the time.

  3. Oh my my my! I had a compilation like this on my drafts and completely forgot about it! :P Now, I'm definitely not going to post it. This is a wonderful list that covers all the amazing Malayalam movies! :)

    1. So many more left... Hotstar star has a much larger list that I think will need two parts

  4. I have watched cu soon, kapilla and Virus from here and loved all of them. It's incredible how Malyali movies have taken the art of original storytelling to a different level with good writing, and realistic performances from actors who one would say "ordinary-looking" by bolly/holly standards. Will check out all of them you listed. Thanks

    1. definitely Mollywood actors would fall short where glamour is concerned... that works in their favour since the focus has to be one script and acting

  5. This is an amazing list again! Sharing this

  6. Hey Doc, the list has amazing content and I'll share it with Dad. The only movie I've seen in this list is Lucifer and it was a fantastic movie!

  7. I can proudly say that I have watched almost all the film on your list! I think Malayalam films are truly the finest ones, be it stories, cast, direction . Everything!

  8. My hubby is big fan of South Indian movies, so I will share the list with him.

    #myfriendalexa #jeniereads

  9. Characteristic Pythoroshan Style! I have seen a few with subtitles, and am bookamrking this.

  10. As a Malayalee, I have often felt that chasm of difference between Malayalam movies and movies from the other industries. I think it's almost like we are the equivalent of Thai emotional ads in the movie industry!

  11. Thank you for the suggestions. I am going to watch Kumbalangi nights first I guess :-).

  12. I watched Ente Ummante Peru a while back and enjoyed it. Thanks for the recommendations. It's been too long since I watch a Malayalam movie.

  13. I am movie buff, and contemporary cinema has always attracted me. Now, that Bollywood is creating useless movies these days, regional languages are stress buster. I have seen many remakes of Malayalam original movies, will save this list and watch a couple with subtitles on.

  14. Thank you for these reccos. I have been meaning to watch Kumbalangi nights since long and now am bookmarking your post for all these other ones as well.

  15. This is a great list. Now I am thinking of getting an amazon Prime as I haven't watched most of these movies yet. Thank you for these suggestion and especially for the blurb. Those short description made me realise what I'm missing out!

  16. This list had several names I've heard good reviews about. Your short but to the point reviews have rekindled my interest. On my TBW agenda after #myfriendalexa.

  17. I have few malayali friends, I am surely gonna share this list with them.

  18. Please don’t miss AMEN...that’s the best Malayalam I have watched in’s nothing short of Oscar award

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  20. Have seen Drivers License and 22 Female kottayam in this list.... Malayalam cinema is unique for its simplicity and the natural talents of the actors..... Nice list ...will help for the next few weekends :)

  21. I am from Punjab and becoming fan of Malayalam movies. Love from Punjab :)

  22. I will add some more to the list including some that does not appear in most of the lists :
    1. Trivandrum Lodge
    2. Beautiful
    3. Kappela
    4. Om Shanti Oshana
    5. Traffic
    6. Manichithrathazhu [this is 20 years old, but ageless movie]
    7. 22 Female Kottayam
    8. Diamond Necklace
    9. Neelakasham Pachakadal Chuvanna Bhoomi
    Some of these you can get in youtube, though subtitle might be a problem.


Let me know what you think.