More Awesome Malayalam Movies of the Last Decade Available on Disney + Hotstar

by - October 12, 2020

I have already written articles on some of the best Malayalam movies of the last decade available on both Amazon and Disney + Hotstar. Continuing with this renaissance of Malayalam cinema series, here are a list of some more of the best Malayalam movies since 2010 available on Hotstar to a larger audience thanks to the magic of OTT platforms and subtitles.

More Awesome Malayalam Movies Since 2010 on Disney Hotstar


Inspired by themes from Keigo Higashino's 'The Devotion of Suspect X', this movie focusing on how a middle class man struggles to protect his family after a horrifying incident has the police rain down upon them is considered one of the best mysteries from India in the last two decades... with good reason. 

Thondimuthalum Driksakshiyum

Defying genres - it would have been one of the best 'Cop Movies' of India if you allowed it to be in that category - and ending up the winner of 3 National Awards, this seemingly simple tale of what transpires when a woman takes the man who stole her gold chain to the local police station (which features real policemen in the movie) is a masterpiece in acting (especially by Fahadh Faasil) and minimalism.  

Mumbai Police

In this taut mystery, a police officer who just cracked the case of his friend's murder meets with an accident and loses his memory before he reveals the culprit. He is thus forced to retrace his steps to try to solve the murder once more.


A change from the regular fare, this hilarious political satire focuses on a lazy local politician who looks to balance work and love as he strives to win a state election even as he falls in love... with a young woman who ends up being the daughter of his school crush!


After a tragedy strikes his family, an NRI returns home and struggles to reconnect with the memories of the one he lost, triggering a chain of events that changes his life forever. This was a beautiful film of self-discovery from the director of Bangalore Days and Ustad Hotel, two amazing movies I have spoken off in my earlier list.   


A funny satire on what happens when tug-of-war teammates win a goat as a prize following a match and then have to take a decision on what to do with it. Though it opened to tepid reviews, it has since become a cult classic, even having a sequel.


An absolutely brilliant thriller inspired by real life events, the story follows what happens when a superstar's child tries to get a heart for a transplant, having to deal with the congested traffic to get the organ in time in addition to unexpected detours.

Ennu Ninte Moideen

Based on the real life love story of two people from different religions set in the 60's, this beautifully captured tale played like a mesmerizing symphony and was appreciated by the audience and critics alike for its sensitive portrayal. 


This well-crafted survival thriller follows the lives of a couple who return from Dubai to Kerala only to find the wife becoming a target of the locals. Brilliant performances by the lead actor and actress elevates this movie beyond the regular fare.

Oru Vadakkan Selfie

An average college student who runs away from his house to become a filmmaker in Chennai becomes caught up in a mystery after a selfie he posted with the girl next door becomes the center of a police investigation. This movie is funny, keeps its cards close to its chest and has an excellent message at its core as well.


Beautifully executed coming-of-age movie depicting a girl's life from her school days to adulthood. Simple, funny, touching and brilliantly acted.


A wonderful take on the way we look at life, the friendship between a rich quadriplegic with a positive attitude and a harried musician and how their lives change with the arrival of a charming woman.

Iyobinte Pustakam 

Set in mid-20th century Munnar with themes taken from  Fyodor Dostoyevsky's The Brothers Karamazov', the movie follows the twisted life of Iyob and his children, blending themes of friendship, revenge and betrayal in a well-shot thriller saga. 

List of best malayalam movies of the last decade available on Hotstar Disney

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  1. Aadu and June are the only ones I haven't watched as yet. My friends keep asking me for Malayalam film reccos, I am just going to share your posts with them.

  2. Adding some more to my list now! I'm off to look for June first!

  3. All the movies appear to have really promising stories. Despite living in Kerala for 15 years I have not bothered to learn Malayalam properly. But I watched a few Malayalam movies and really liked them. Though I can't speak I can sort of roughly understand Malayalam. I am planning to watch the Hindi version of Dhrishyam soon.

  4. Seems to be a great collection of Malayalam movies. Noted to make some leisurely moments special.

  5. can see a lot of Fahadh Faasil's movies :)
    Though I am not regular, I do like to watch Malayalam movies on and off (with the help of subtitles ofcourse). Dulquer Salman ia my favorite!

  6. Seems to be a great collection. Adding to my watch list

  7. My husband has taken the hotstar subscription last month and he is a big fan of south Indian movies. will share with him about these movies. the list sounds amazing. i had already watches drishum among all these and loved it because of its novel concept and strong screenplay.

  8. Superb list.. I have seen Drishyam and will try watching Mumbai Police and Koode with subtitles.

  9. Frankly speaking, I doesn't like any of these moview. I oly watch old movies like Devasuram, Kireedam, No 20 Madras Mail, Akare Akare Akare, Naduvazhikal etc. FIlms like Drishyam sends bad message to the viewers.

  10. Now that's a great list for all the Malayalam Movie Lovers. While I have watched many of them listed here and agree with you that these are all some great movies. Last afternoon we watched Mumbai Police after lunch and what a thriller it was!

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