Company collects 9 Million kilos of Food from People who are Moving and Delivers it to the Needy

by - April 14, 2021

A moving company in New Jersey shot into the limelight because of their unique endeavour, based purely on the observations made while helping folk shift their belongings.

“When people move, they throw away a whole bunch of stuff: food, clothing, furniture, you name it. And what bothered us was the perfectly good, nonperishable food that was getting left behind in the pantry, or simply thrown in the trash.” 
- Adam Lowy

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Adam, whose family has been running a moving company for over a 100 years, would watch as customers focused on getting all the furniture, crockery and knick-knacks into boxes and eventually the vans, often choosing to leave behind canned goods or items like dried spaghetti in the fridge.

“Moving’s stressful, you know? It’s not a fun experience, there’s a lot going on. And we started by asking a very simple question: ‘Do you want to donate your food when you move?'” 
- Adam Lowy

That simple question gave rise to Move for Hunger, which connects moving companies with food banks in the area. 

paper bags

When any of their partners find out that someone wants to move, Move for Hunger provides cardboard boxes and bags to help people donate any food they feel they would not be taking with them. The local moving company then delivers these packed up pantry items to the nearest food bank, making sure no food goes to waste.

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In his first month, Lowy collected around 150 kgs of food. That was, of course, back in 2009.
Today, Move for Hunger operates all over America and Canada and has collected and donated an insane 9 million kilos of food to the needy. That is enough to feed over 16 million people. 

In 2014, Adam was honoured in ‘Forbes 30 Under 30’ for his efforts to help the needy.

Not bad for an idea that popped up while staring inside someone else’s open fridge, is it?

Author's note:

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  1. Move for hunger by Adam and his family is a great initiative. 9 million kilos being fed to 16 million is a huge figure. Wishing no one ever sleeps hungry. Kudos to the cause.

  2. What a brilliant idea!! Of course, not everyone can think like that!! But getting inspired and taking action isn't that hard. This kind of initiative can be taken on the smallest level, itself. Every month, we witness many families move. I hope next time a family moves out, there is no wastage of food and some needy gets benefitted.

  3. I get the inspiration from such causes. i try to make sure that the food that is wasting at home, should be given to the needy. i give it to my maid and that's the act of kindness.

  4. I dont think this happens in India..Nobody will throw away food before moving. Indians dont throw away broken furniture as we... But distributing 9 Million kilos of food is a mammoth task

  5. What a good initiative. I just hope that we all replicate these kind of gestures in India too

  6. From 150 kgs to 9 million goes to show that perhaps people will donate and help if they have the avenues. More power to people providing those opportunities
    Deepika Sharma

  7. This is wonderful how a small observation can snowball into a massive drive ! Just by knowing that there is food wastage while moving,this entire effort happened and resulted in success. How wonderful!

  8. This is great initiative and inspiring step he is taking ahead to feed needy people!!

  9. Another story of inspiration. People who are devoting time and energy to improve the status of poor people are amazing!

  10. Wow 9 millions kilos of food donation to needy people, it is really super inspiring and impressive. indeed it is a great and noble initiative to serve needy people.

  11. What a great initiative by Adam Lowy and team. That's true when people moves somewhere their friends and colleagues do ask for furniture and home appliances before trashing or for selling but no one look at their pantry, to make sure no food should go waste. I appreciate this noble move by Adam.


  12. Can't imagine throwing away good food while moving. However, making sure that it reaches needy people is indeed a brilliant thought. 9 million kgs is huge!

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. This is such a great and thoughtful initiative. I have shifted so many times and know how many things we discarded which are otherwise can be used by needy people. Once again thanks for sharing such inspiring stories.

  15. Such a noble and a though full cause. We often waste so much when we are moving

  16. Wow such a noble initiative. I just hope that we all replicate these kind of gestures in other countries too .


  17. Such a noble deed to feed the needy . Kudos to Adam and thanks for introducing him


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