Real Estate Owner Raises Millions of Dollars in Funds to Ensure 3000 Families Do Not Get Evicted

Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan

Growing up as a Monopoly champion in her 6th grade class in Atlanta may have inspired Marjy Stagmeier to become a landlord but she certainly did not pick up the ruthlessness of the game. If anything, she is the anti-slumlord of real estate. 

After graduating, Marjy invested in old affordable apartment communities but quickly realized many of the tenants there were low-income single parents, struggling to make ends meet.

woman reading to a classroom

Moved by their plight, the successful entrepreneur who used to manage a $500 million portfolio in the mid-90s sold off her assets in 2014 to start a non-profit organization Star-C that provided free on-site services to these families. 

When things got worse during the COVID19 pandemic and most of her tenants lost their jobs or had to manage their children (who were now at home during the day with schools closed), Marjy decided she had to do more.

Her initial GoFundMe campaign to help provide financial assistance to the tenants raised nearly $50,000. But it got better for her – and quite rapidly. 
Inspired by her drive, the local municipal government of Cobb County donated $1.5 million from their federal stimulus funding. Other municipalities joined in and eventually, Star-C raised over $13 million (~ Rs 100 crore) after starting out, praying to somehow raise $50,000 (Rs 37 lakhs). This money helped ensure that 3000 families avoided eviction during the pandemic. 

Further, realizing that even landlords were struggling with rents not coming in, Marjy personally spoke to thousands and partnered with over 330 landlords who represented 65,000 such apartment units, offering financial assistance. 

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“So many of our tenants and landlords are simply grateful. Our Star-C staff often receives thank you notes and calls from families who have now found work and can pay their rent.”
- Marjy Stagmeier

Equally noteworthy is her initiative to teach the children of these low income parents. Converting an old pool house into a makeshift classroom, her team created a joyous environment for children of all communities and races to bond together and learn as well, keeping in mind the difficulties the parents (often, not originally from America) have in speaking English and thus helping in their child’s education.

children sitting in a circle

“Many children have come through the Star-C after-school program, who are now doctors, plumbers, and school-teachers, earning good wages that moved them out of poverty. Almost 100 families have elevated from renting to home ownership because we kept rents low so families can save their money.”
- Marjy Stagmeier

Today, Star-C offers: 
  • eviction relief funds to the needy,
  • children a place to go to after school is over where they are taken care of for free,
  • summer camps (for free, again), 
  • community gardens where they can grow their own fruit & vegetables, 
  • tie-ups with local medical and dental institutions who provide checkups for all residents.

Author's note:

Since 2017, every year, I take up the #BlogchatterA2Z challenge and focus on showcasing lovely real-life heroes from around the worldThe aim is to remind you that there is still plenty of good human beings all around you... to inspire you to smile once more.

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  1. Business man with a. Good heart.

  2. Kudos to Marjy Stagmeier you did a great job for those struggling with rents. She helped them have shelter on their heads. Glad to know, families have elevated from renting to home ownership.

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    Deepika Sharma

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