Yemeni Doctor treats the Poor for Free from His Car

by - April 22, 2021

"Stop Me if You Need a Medical Consultation."
The sticker on the back of a Toyota Prado went viral in 2020 with even the WHO featuring the man behind the wheel.

And deservedly so. 

doctor treating patient in Yemen

With civil war now in its seventh year in Yemen, more than half of the country's medical facilities have been plundered and nearly 20 million people are facing famine. Its infrastructure in tatters, Yemen struggled to deal with the pandemic that hit in 2020. There are no doctors in 18 percent of the districts in the country and most healthcare personnel have not received salaries for over 2 years.  

During the 2020 corona virus pandemic, 28-year old Yemeni doctor Sami Yahya al-Hajj ran a consultation clinic with a difference. Every day, after completing his obligations at his workplace, he would drive around town and park his car on the roadside, allowing strangers to come to him for free medical consultations.

Dr Sami Yahya Al Hajj provides free medical consultations in Yemen on the road

Dr Sami Yahya Al Hajj provides free medical consultations in Yemen on the road

Sami started this service because he was used to getting multiple phone calls a day during the early phases of the pandemic asking for medical consultations for various ailments from folk who were too scared to travel to the hospital.

It occurred to him that so many were there on the streets who did not have access to phones or the internet but needed medical advice too, something he was willing to offer. 

Sami regularly gets flagged down while driving, often by pedestrians on the road but also by fellow drivers, seeking advice. He offers medical prescriptions and advice for free and sends the more serious cases to hospitals for urgent care.  

Dr Sami Yahya Al Hajj provides free medical consultations in Yemen on the road

“People are scared. Many are unable to stay quarantined due to their financial situation. So they go out to their jobs knowing they are at high risk of infection. I wanted to be closer to them – easier to reach – whenever needed, to discuss a medical issue.”
-     Dr Sami Yahya al-Hajj

Author's note:

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  1. Such noble work.
    God can't be everywhere. Thus, He has sent such representatives to Earth.

  2. Dr. Sami Yahya al-Hajj is doing a noble cause by giving medical advice and assistance to the needy being the man behind the wheel to treat those in need.

  3. Such kindl and noble souls prove that God is present.

  4. Such selfless service. That too from a car. These human GODS should be revered, instead the politicians take all the credit.

  5. Such a noble cause. Medical care is the most important people need most

  6. Yemen has been going through such tough times. Commendable work by offering medical services from car to the needy ones.

  7. Such a noble cause and selfless service.

  8. Another beautiful and heartwarming story. Very few are blessed to be able to do such noble ans selfless work
    Deepika Sharma

  9. with recent pandemic situation, people are in so much need of proper medical care . dr. sami is doing a great job by running this in car free medical consultation service. hats off to him for this amazing efforts. thanks a lot to you for sharing these amazing stories with us.

  10. If you really want to do something good you do find a way and Dr. Sami Yahya al-Hajj is a greatest evening of that. What he is doing is so noble and selfless.

  11. He proved that Doctors are really GOD for everyone. Such a great work he is doing!!

  12. Doctor on wheels!! The world is full of such God-sent angels and we focus our attention on all the negativity only. Kudos to these real-life heroes!!

  13. Such a noble thought that only rare an think out of the box. Kudos to Dr. Yemeni a hero of kindness!

  14. Amazing! Selfless service like this is rarely seen. All of us should try to give something back to society depending on our capabilities.

  15. Such a noble deed by Dr. Sami especially at the time of pandemic when people need him the most

  16. He is doing such a noble cause. That too from a car. We need more people like him


  17. Where there's a will, there are wheels to get you on your way! Dr Sami is the perfect example of someone who shows us that if you really want to do something, nothing can stop you.


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