What was the last gift you bought for yourself? #WordlessWednesday

Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan
Lamy Safari Limited Edition Dark Lilac and Lamy Ocean Blue Al Star Fountain Pens

I usually refrain from really buying stuff for myself. Call it poverty, self-esteem issues or just plain laziness... either way, I am working on fixing all three of those flaws.

One shop in any mall where you can find me drooling is a good stationary store with unique pens.

Personally, I am a big fan of Lamy's fountain pens from Goldspot. Unlike the traditional 'fountain pen' look that most brands have, Lamy comes in a wide array of colours from muted whites and grays to bright yellows, fluorescent greens and pacific blues.

The baseline model is the Lamy Safari, a lightweight pen considered the ideal starter pen for many. Add in a few more coins and you get the Lamy Al-Star, which is made of aluminium (hence AL- star). Those colours are frankly even brighter, ranging from a goldish bronze to vibrant pinks and blue-greens. 

In addition to the traditional colours that they have, every year Lamy releases a special limited edition colour often accompanied by a matching ink. I had bought the 2016 Limited Edition Lamy Dark Lilac that you see in the picture above at a Delhi Airport William Penn store years ago. The lovely finish and gorgeous colour stood out for me - I prefer their matte finish over some of their more glossier pens.

An issue I had was that the Medium Nib it provided tended to bleed on lesser quality paper. So this month, I indulged myself against my own instincts and got a second Lamy - the Ocean Blue Lamy Al-Star (with a Fine nib) you also see in the picture.

The best part? The nibs are interchangeable so now I have my Dark Lilac Safari with a Fine Nib that works perfect on all papers while the Ocean Blue with a Medium Nib is silky smooth for quality journals and diaries.

2016 Lamy Safari Dark Lilac Fountain Pen
This has to be mentioned. When I made a mess while removing the nib and ended up damaging the ink feeding mechanism, the William Penn store in Kochi sent it to Bangalore, got it repaired and sent it back to me FOR FREE. Very grateful for that

My question to you:

What was the last gift you bought yourself that you feel comes under the category of self-indulgence?  

Also, given the choice, would you opt for a traditional looking fountain pen or go for something unique that stands out?   

Authors note 

I am linking this post with Esha and Natasha for #WordlessWednesday. You can find more picture based posts there and add your own too. 

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  1. When I was in high school (late 1960's) I discovered fountain pens and used them for a year or two but since then, I've used the ink or gel ballpoint pens popular in the United States. I don't do much writing; it's all typing on computer keyboards at work or at home. I'm happy to see these pens have fans even today, because it's a different experience writing with them than a ballpoint. I can only hope the "smartphone" generation discovers them, too. My last indulgence gift was a glass pumpkin I bought last week at a "glass farmer's market".

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  2. The last gift I bought myself was a Swarovski necklace that I had been eyeing for years. It was discounted at 70% of its original price!

    I am a scatterbrain and keep misplacing my things so I would opt for a cheap ballpoint pen. I have lost so many I can't keep count!

  3. There is something so poetic about ink pens. Haven't used them after school though except occasionally taking out a Parker pen. The last gift I bought for myself was plants :D

  4. I love my Parker Fountain pen that I gifted my self a few years back. I treasure it with all my heart. I don't like using other pens. It's ink all the way for me. Though this one comes with a refill, so I don't need to use the ink pot.

    So are Lamy pens also available with refills?

    Thanks for sharing your lovely festish. I have a stationary fetish too, that transcends the barriers. Though I have tried to restrain some control in the recent past.

    I indulged myself today by ordering a Milk Honey body butter which was way too exorbitant. But I guess the fragrance was irresistible.

    I love to mostly indulge myself with books, stationary and plants. :)

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    1. I love fountain pens! Sadly kids today rarely use it. Its ball point or gel pen for them.

      You must always gift yourself something. The price tag is irrelevant. Its the joy of self indulgence that matters ........

      Yesterday itself I bought some pretty, colourful fabric with small floral print for myself. I am looking forward to getting a dress stitched :)

  6. Good to know you too share the same fetish for fountain pens, Doc! If I'm ever in a mall, the only place you might have a good chance of finding me is a stationary shop and it usually requires a great deal of self-control to come away without actually buying anything for myself! Now, since you asked I must confess the last thing I bought for myself, which borders on self-indulgence is actually a planner, (primarily driven by greed and not need!) So, there you go! :)

  7. I bougth a Great book and pen (parker pen) for me...
    Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta In Hindi


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  10. Dylon and Pebeo both make good quality pens. fabric paint

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