Rival Colleges Have 'Tipping' Challenge to Help Restaurant Workers

Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan

We have all seen popular college rivalries in our lives, based on academics and sports, ideally. Two colleges in Ohio, located 3 miles apart, decided to have a very unique challenge though this January.

waitress tip

It all began when a Xavier College alum left an astounding $1000 (Rs 75,000) tip on a bill of just $54 (Rs 4050) at Zip's cafe, leaving a message on a napkin that simply said "Please share this tip with all your employees as they work so hard and are dealing with COVID. Go, Xavier!”

This is the perfect chance for us to say, thank you! To our long time regulars and friends and to those of you finding...

Posted by Zip's Mt Lookout on Saturday, January 9, 2021

A week after the image of the napkin and the tip went viral, two students from the neighbouring University of Cincinnati left a tip of $1,001 at the nearby Keystone Bar & Grill. This time the note read “Earlier this week I saw a Xavier fan tip $1,000 at Zip’s. I believe now more than ever we need to support our local restaurants. Let’s see how long we can keep this going … Bearcats up by 1!!”

Wow, we are so thankful and incredibly lucky to have amazing customers and friends. 🥰 Last week, Zip's Mt Lookout...

Posted by Keystone Bar & Grill - Clifton on Friday, January 15, 2021

Keystone put up the note on their social media explaining that the alumni preferred to remain anonymous but indeed wanted to highlight the challenge between the two colleges, ending with the statement “It’s your turn, Xavier fans! Who will be one-upping the Bearcats by leaving a $1,002 tip at your favorite local bar or restaurant?”

The challenge would indeed be accepted by alumni of both colleges in the days ahead as they continued to one-up each other, with local restaurant workers benefitting.

“I think the proximity has definitely helped drive the traction on this very generous, feel-good movement. Money aside, I know this has put smiles on faces of everyone impacted and even put smiles on faces of those not directly involved,” Burke added. “I have to say, we could all certainly use some more smiles these days.” 
- Zip’s Café owner Mike Burke

As for the impact: In just one month, the 'rivalry' between these two colleges has ended up tipping over $34,000 (Rs 25 lakhs) helping hundreds of local restaurant workers who had suffered terrible financial losses due to the coronavirus pandemic. 


Author's note:

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  1. What a nice innovative way to help. Warm and inspiring
    Deepika Sharma

  2. What an example, rivalries that benefitted the employees. Such tipping sure was helpful and its inspiring. Thanks for sharing yet another positive story.

  3. This is what I call that every single action have a reaction. And happy to read that their rivalry is helping others

  4. College rivalries are legendary..usually for girls but this is the best I have ever heard. Competing to help is an awesome idea.

  5. This is really innovative and inspiring way to help. Thank you

  6. This has caused the chain reaction. Good initiative and glad that people could take this forward.

  7. Wow this is what we call doing things out of the box. Amazing way of helping people in need.

  8. Wow $34,000 is such a big amount and these two colleges have done a great job in supporting local restaurant workers. indeed an inspiring act during hard days of covid.

  9. The word 'rivalry' and 'challenge' got their best possible connotations. Another inspiring story. Thanks for sharing.

  10. This is amazing! Tipping challenge to help restaurant staff is something out of the box!!

  11. Though it is rivalry it sure is helping out people . This challenge is so good and it's for a noble cause

  12. Who knew rivalry could have such a fruitful result as well? Amazing how it helped so many local restaurant workers.

  13. Wow! Rivalry turned into a competition for something good. Loved the unique way f helping restaurant's workers in this crisis.


  14. When the intent is clear nothing else matters ! Loved reading it.

  15. Wow this is another inspiring story .Tipping challenge to help restaurant staff is something out of the box!!


  16. It's great when people help each other at such a difficult time. Although, along with all the restaurants, they also went to remote work in delivery, it is difficult to keep the business in such situations. By the way, online education has become popular due to quarantine, so I recommend you these Online Courses for Kids.

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