Hotel Stays Open During Pandemic Lockdown to Provide Shelter for Homeless

Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan

Every country was affected by the COVID19 pandemic in 2020. The first few months were especially rough as no one had any clear idea on how to deal with a global health emergency of this scale. Countries went into unprecedented lockdowns, shutting down everything from restaurants and shops to even walking on the streets to stop the spread of the virus.

While many received flak for deliberately breaking the rules during these tough times, one hotel in Worcester, England ended up being applauded for doing just that.

hotel building in worcester

The 60 room Fownes Hotel, which normally charges 155 pounds (~ Rs 15,500) a night chose to stay open during the pandemic with one aim only – to provide shelter for the homeless in the area. The hotel – a 5 star, no less – ended up taking over 45 homeless people off the streets and provided them shelter for months. 

Maintaining social distancing with the hotel, the staff and restaurant team worked above and beyond their regular works hours to ensure every guest received healthy three course meals during their stay, delivered directly to their room to reduce risk of transmission.

Hotel Building

The Fownes Hotel also teamed up with a homeless charity to provide workshops to help provide opportunities for their guests when the time comes for them to leave.

Their kindness did not go unnoticed. With the hotel struggling with just a skeleton crew of 11, the homeless folk they took in showed their gratitude by helping the hotel in any way they could, including gardening, building new brick walls and patios and helping clean the rooms.

man building a wall
Eddie Boult helping build a wall for the Fownes Hotel

“I did it because I was bored but also as a thank you to the staff. They’ve really looked after me.” 
- Homeless guest Eddie Boult, who built a wall and patio at the hotel.

Author's note:

Since 2017, every year, I take up the #BlogchatterA2Z challenge and focus on showcasing lovely real-life heroes from around the worldThe aim is to remind you that there is still plenty of good human beings all around you... to inspire you to smile once more.

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  1. Kudos Fownes hotel and its team for being a great help to homeless by providing shelter and meals during lockdown/ pandemic.

  2. I did it because I was bored... Oh my god ... Let's more people move to kindness out of boredom. As usual an interesting post

  3. I feel like saluting such kind deeds and thank you too for sharing such inspirational real incidents.Five star hotels usually have right of admission reserved! Here they took in homeless people!

  4. A hotel doing this is little unprecedented. We heard a lot of stories like this at the Individual level.

  5. Kudos to the hotel and it's entire staff for taking in homeless people. This Covid has brought in both positive and negative sides.

  6. so heartwarming to see this gesture. Even more the fact that the people they took in helped them, shows that all people need is a helping hand

  7. That's such a great initiative of the hotel. Salute to all of them

  8. Such a heart warming gesture from Frownes hotel . These stories makes our belief even firmer in humanity and kindness.

  9. Such a heart warming gesture from Frownes hotel . These stories makes our belief even firmer in humanity and kindness.

  10. Not many people are kind to the homeless. Kudos to Fownes and its staff. Another heartwarming story
    Deepika Sharma

  11. This is such a beautiful gesture. I guess in so many ways a pandemic like this showed us the humane side of people on the way they went above and beyond to help others in need.

  12. i couldn't have believed that until i have read the post. I like when a human being serve others for free of cost and that should be the purpose of our living too.

  13. Where most of the people think of making money this hotel has gone out of the way to help needy. These stories needs to be shared and you are going a great job. A big round of applause to you too.

  14. Wow fownes hotel did an exceptional job in helping homeless people during hard days of pandemic. indeed a praiseworthy effort by them.

  15. Hats off to the entire staff for being so caring! What an amazing thing to do.

  16. Incredible! This series of kindness, making my believe even more firmed in saying " where there is will, there is way". If you are willing to do something great you can find opportunity in every tiny deed. Kudos to the noble thoughts of hotel owner.


  17. Kudos to the hotel staff for not only giving shelter to the homeless but treating them as their honourable guests. My faith in humanity is restored.

  18. Deeply appreciate them and you doc for pulling out these stories for us each year, you know I am a fan :)

  19. Such a noble gesture to offer a roof to the homeless. Thank you for sharing this

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