Your favourite coffee is... #WordlessWednesday

by - September 05, 2019

I have a lot of memories associated with coffee.

It reminds me of the numerous times I and my college mates would bunk afternoon classes and sit at Cafe Coffee Day, sipping cold coffees like Tropical Iceberg (a mere Rs 15 - 20 back then, I kid you not as opposed to the Rs 100+ I see these days) while gossiping on seeking out the next movie to watch.

Coffee reminds me of the first luxury I bought with my first salary... a coffee machine. I left it in the room of my friend when I moved out months later. I have never bought a machine since. I'm not sure why, because I always see offers on private label single coffee pods and the temptation I have to invest is high. I guess it's just finding the time to actually go out and buy a good one, as I don't want to buy one that isn't!

Everyone has their Cafe Coffee Day memory. We gossiped. We played songs on the jukebox for 5 rupees each. We ordered cold coffee shakes like the Tropical Iceberg for 15 rupees back in 2000 when it first opened in Mangalore. It was where we all met up after bunking class. We just relaxed for hours with no one troubling us to leave even after our cups were long empty. Summer shakes. Kaapi Nirvana. It was where we first had the option of so many coffees and teas, national and international. Where we, as students, could just lounge and relax. I remember a hookah phase too. Some dated there. Some met their loved ones there. Friendships were forged. Love happened. Breakups happened. Debates on life, movies and (blasphemy!) even studies happened there. Two decades later, as tragic news comes in about its owner, I can't help but feel sad. Because for us... For all of us, a part of our wonder years growing up is forever linked to our memories at #cafecoffeeday
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It reminds me of the black coffees I used to make and drink at 2 in the morning after waking up on the morning of the university exam aiming to revise 800 pages in 6 hours... only to instantly fall asleep moments later. The pre-set alarm would wake me up at 3... and then 4... 5 even... before I finally woke up dazed and resigned to my fate at 6 am.

Coffee reminds me of the first luxury I bought with my first salary... a coffee machine. I left it in the room of my friend when I moved out months later. I have never bought a machine since.

Coffee reminds me of my mother switching loyalties after over 3 decades of Nescafe love after I got her Davidoff earlier this year.

But here's the thing - I have a lot of fond coffee memories... but I don't have a favourite coffee. I know I have enjoyed both hot and cold coffees that have a dash of hazelnut in them. But I don't know if I can specify just one brand or cafe. So help me out.

Tell me which, according to you, is the best coffee you have enjoyed in your life? 

If a specific brand, do tell. If a style of cold or hot coffee from a particular cafe or restaurant, please specify.

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  1. Great coffee, great conversations always bring back memories later on. I think we will always associate coffee with good times and it doesn't really matter which coffee it is!

  2. Cappuccino is my favorite, though I love Cafe Latte too. I turned into a coffee lover during my first trip to Kuwait. There was a sophisticated coffee machine outside the conference room and I have never tasted coffee that good from a coffee machine. My trips to Kuwait are synonymous with endless cups of coffee. I prefer hot coffee!! And I so want to have one now!!

  3. Coffee for me is more about the winter afternoons spent with my late mother during the teenage years while enjoying the milky-sugary coffee made from nescafe. It also became the bonding reason of my mother-in-law and me. I have tried various brands but my loyalty lies with nescafe and I make the best coffee. Someday, if you come to Kolkata, I'm definitely going to give you a homemade coffee treat.

  4. I became a coffee lover during my Masters year. Coffee use to be my friend who helped me staying up late for exam preparation. After coming to USA, I somehow lost the taste of coffee may be because the difference in the milk. I couldn't develop a taste for coffee made with cow's milk. But when I am in India, again go back to my dear friend. Nescafe is my all time favorite but I won't mind trying Bru or Sunrise once in a while.

  5. Those are some fond coffee stories! I loved filter coffee. But now that I’m getting older and wiser, I love all coffees equally, no partiality. My find coffee memories are the one which we used to get during a train journey, as kids we used to look forward to that. :)

  6. Now that I think of it.. I don't think I have a favorite coffee either. BUT if I absolutely had to pick one, I would pick Starbucks White Chocolate Latte.

    That being said, it's tea, specifically adrak chai, that has my heart!

  7. When I read about VG Sidhartha, the owner of CCD's death and his last letter to his employees, i realized that he wasn't a failure. He might not have built a profitable business but he wasn't a failure. He was successful in creating memories for people. every 90's kid has a coffee memory...the first coffee date, the first black coffee, the late night coffee in hostel etc. and like u mentioned, we all have a favourite coffee and mine is Irish coffee of Georgio's Coffee Roasters.

  8. I love cold coffee! I stopped having coffee some months back but then started having it all over again last month during my PMS. The habit is here to stay, I guess!

    To my coffee, I add jaggery instead of sugar, and as I love my coffee sweet, the jaggery makes it perfect.
    I used to have Davidoff earlier, but now it's Nescafe. Frankly, it doesn't matter which brand of coffee I have as long as it tastes just the same every time I have it. Along with coffee, I love having banana chips or patties, or samosa, something savory, basically. Even corn cheese toast would do, or toasted bread with cheese melting on it. God, I am so hungry, I am going crazy listing coffee and its accompaniments here!

    Next time you are here in Mumbai, let's meet for some coffee and some (lots of ) stuff to eat, what say doc? Khana bahut saara hona chahiye, hai na? :P

  9. In my college time I had lot a coffee that make me hate hot coffee but I am fond of cold coffee. confession to made, My hubby make a amazing coffee, I think he is master in it, specially we love having coffee in winter but from hubby hands.

  10. when I came to Delhi first time in 2004, went to CCD with my then boyfriend now husband and had coffee. That was the best one and I remember it costed us 55rs for a cappuccino then.

  11. Oh man did you say Tropical Iceberg? I have so many memories associated with it! During my time it was 45 bucks a glass and it was a luxury back then. I remember saving up to meet friends at CCD and have this one. It has been quite a while since I've had it, but when ever I visited any CCD, this was my choice of beverage (Sheldon style). I remember trying the Iced Eskimo once and it was only ice! I should have gotten the hint from the name, eh?

    I have a problem with milk based hot beverages. Cold coffee I don't mind with the milk, but I hate milk in my tea or coffee. Coffee for me means, black, piping hot and without any sugar! Everyday I start with this, else everyone needs to be prepared for a severe dose of crankiness.

    I have used Cothas coffee powder since the last six years and since it wasn't available on Amazon Pantry this month, I bought Coffee Day's filter coffee powder. Will be trying it out tomorrow, fingers crossed for it!

    I need to try that Davidoff coffee that you are talking about. It's available easily in India, right?

  12. Always a tea lover but yes, I do have coffee stories to share!

  13. I don't have a favorite coffee because I am not a coffee person. I have tried coffee but every time I end up with acidity. That's why I always avoid it these days.

  14. I can't believe that tropical iceberg was once available at 15/- glorious days those must be.

  15. Everyone has got theor own share of CCD memories. But mine don't contain instances where the stuff in CCD were that cheap!!!! It was a very tragic event. Amazing how many of our memories are linked to coffee. Growing up, my family and I were more "tea" people than "kappi" people. That continued until my Amma got hooked on coffee! :D Then we started having morning coffee instead of tea!

  16. I've been loyal to Nescafe and a particular filter coffee blend that a friend buys for me from Mumbai. I discovered coffee toppers after a friend recommended it. Its mostly available in Scandanavian countries. The brand is Mokate.

  17. That's a cute post and I loved the picture. I love coffee too and filter coffee and latte are my favorites. I don't have any brand preferences but obviously love the varieties grown in India! Abroad i like it in certain countries but not all as they make it too bitter.

  18. Let's see! I love my coffee with a lot of milk, li'l sugar and a lot of ice. And whipped cream is my guilty pleasure.

    And when I am sad, I like my coffee neat. :P

    I love Davidoff too after years of Nescafe loyalty.

    But nowadays, I am into bubble teas. Trust me, I have no idea why but I love them - again with loads of ice!

  19. Coffee dates are truly the best. Me and my hubby look forward to our weekly coffee dates to our fav cafes. I usually prefer milder i.e less stronger coffees.

  20. Coffee, chit chats, conversations, time spend solo or with friends, it's always relaxing.
    I love handmade beaten coffee and filter coffee a lot. Best mates during a movie or even when I'm with my blog.

  21. I was not a coffee lover but a chai lover. However, with more and more time at the office, I was eventually introduced to coffee Latte and then Davidoff. So, my coffee memories is the the office pantry.

  22. I have always been a cold coffee lover. But recently I think my body calls for more caffeine have made me switch to hot coffee. And this hot coffee I always beat for atleast 15 minutes and then proceed to add the milk.

  23. Coffee is my drink, i can drink coffee at any given time of a day. I happened to try a coffee from various places in and around Pune and Nashik. The go to place for a coffee these days is Vaishali, a South Indian restaurant on Ferguson College road.

  24. Even I can't tell you my favourite version of coffee or brand. I hate black coffee and like you I love coffee with a dash of hazelnut. I love trying all the types of coffee made with hazelnut.

  25. One thing I would love to say is I LOVE COFFEE! But not all types.. Filter coffee is my favorite. Vanilla Latte comes next :)

  26. Coffee reminds me of a beautiful memory, the day when I met the love of my life. and the first time i had a cappuccino :)

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  29. Many people have lots of memories with coffee and Cafe's 🙂
    I too have , sipping acup of hot coffee with my friends and preparing for exams 🙂

  30. So many memories associated with coffee. Coffee for many is associated with friends.
    I too have written many posts for wordless Wednesday! On another note though they are not so word-less!


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