Best Malayalam Movies of the Last Decade - Available on Hotstar

by - October 06, 2020

Continuing with our series chronicling the rise of Malayalam cinema over the last decade, here are a list of some of the best Malayalam movies since 2010 available on Hotstar.

best Malayalam movies since 2010 available online on Disney Hotstar

Bangalore Days

Multiple stories are brilliantly inter-weaved in this emotionally satisfying journey of 3 cousins from a small town in Kerala who move to their childhood dream city, Bangalore. Life takes an unexpected turn for all of them as they deal with first love, culture clashes, failed marriages and a secret from the past.

Take Off

Based on the real life ordeal of Indian nurses who were stuck in Tikrit, Iraq in 2014 when ISIS took over the city, the movie is a true must-watch with excellent star turns by actress Parvathy.

Oru Indian Pranaya Katha

An astute political satire, the movie focuses on what happens when a leader of a local youth wing party who will do anything to climb up the political ladder is put in charge of an NRI woman making a documentary but hiding a secret agenda of her own.

Action Hero Biju

What made this movie different from the endless stream of cop movies that India churns out every year was the refusal to stick to cliches - showing realistic characters who struggle with the burden of being a cop and making moral choices - while still being engaging.

Idukki Gold

Another cult classic from the Malayalam industry, the movie about the journey of 4 friends reliving their school days as they take a road trip is a wonderful, realistic take on friendship while also showcasing the beauty of the land.

Annayum Rasoolum

One of the few romantic films to make this list, the movie focused on the romance between a Muslim taxi driver and a Christian salesgirl. What elevated the simple tale was the immersive world built around them, the subtle moments of romance shown against the backdrops of lives led by normal everyday people.


An encounter specialist, driven to alcohol after the murder of his family, is brought back to track down a possible serial killer. 


This coming of age romance - a huge hit back in 2015 - followed the journey of a young man from his teenage years to his wedding day and featured excellent music and a lively, engaging narrative.


Winner of 4 State Film Awards, difficult topics like the ostracization of the Dalit community in Kerala, modern urbanization and the changing bonds of friendship are brilliantly showcased in this hit movie featuring amazing visuals and a wonderful narrative. 

Ustad Hotel

This modern classic - a winner of 3 National Awards - focuses on the journey of a young man who is forced to return home from abroad when his father disapproves of his choice of profession as a chef. Working as a cook in a small restaurant run by his grandfather changes his life forever. 

Themes from the movie would inspire a humanitarian venture called Operation Sulaimani that is still practised in hotels in Kerala even today.

Neelakasham Pachakadal Chovunnu Bhoomi

The movie focuses on the transformative journey of two friends as they take a road-trip from Kerala to Nagaland. Gorgeously shot and filled with wonderful moments, this is a bike ride worth taking.

Njandukalude Nattil Oridavela

Funny and emotional in equal measures, a young care-free man returns home after being summoned, assuming it is for a matrimonial alliance only to find out his mother has cancer. 

Ohm Shanthi Oshana

Winner of 3 Kerala state awards, this movie follows a hilarious young tomboy who finds herself experiencing the first pangs of love and struggling to deal with it. A lovely take on first love experienced through the eyes and mind of the heroine, this movie had everyone in Kerala gushing over the lead actress. Seriously, check out the trailer and tell me you aren't intrigued.

Think I missed a movie? Well, don't worry. I am only halfway through the list of awesome Malayalam movies since 2010 available on Hotstar. 

List of the Best Malayalam Movies of the Last Decade Available on Disney Hotstar

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  1. I am marking these posts by u coz I watched last time after your suggestions on my Fb post and liked all of them. Thanks for suggesting!

  2. Would check out these movies for sure doc. An interesting list.

  3. Interesting to note Hotstar adding in good Indian content and am sure would be a good competition to Netfix and Prime.

  4. I love watching Malayalam movies and I've watched a lot during this lockdown period. Definitely saving this link for my to be watched list. Thank you for compiling. #tmmreads

  5. Am marking this one too as I have been looking for more meaningful watch and am so bored and tired of the regular fare from bollywood now!

  6. I recently watched Bangalore Days and Ustad Hotel without knowing a single word of the language, thanks to the subtitles and some resemblance to the language being a South Indian myself. Will try to watch the other ones as well.

  7. Oops, I am yet to watch 7 from the list! Watched Banglore Days again this weekend. :) Must show this list to my husband. Thanks for the reminder, Roshan!

  8. Yaaayyy for this list... During the lockdown I started watching Malayalam movies. I love Parvathy and it was mainly because of her I watched Bangalore Days, Uyare and Charlie. Planning to watch Om Shanti Oshana... Thanks for the recommendations...

  9. A fantastic list, and convenient for me as I have a Hotstar subscription. Thank you so much, Roshan! #MyFriendAlexa #TinaReads

  10. Adipoli list of malayalam moveis from Hotstar. I have watched all of them and absolutely agree with your list here.

  11. I really like your blog.Its so good.

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