Plumber fixes Heating & Plumbing for over 10,000 Vulnerable Families Free of Charge

by - April 05, 2021

It all began in 2017 when plumber James Anderson came across a con by a heating company that tried to cheat an elderly disabled man off 5500 pounds. Determined to do something about it, the 53-year-old plumber founded Depher (Disabled and Elderly Plumbing and Heating Emergency Response).

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In the three years since, James has helped over 10,000 families without ever demanding a dime. His large-heartedness took on a whole new level during the 2020 pandemic as he started providing food parcels, PPE kits and even paying the bills of the elderly and disabled.
While it has cost him nearly 57,000 pounds (~ Rs 57 lakhs) from his own pocket, the father of six has never wavered on his commitment. 

“If you’ve got disabilities, issues, sometimes these things can become too difficult to overcome and we want to make sure they’re taken care of. We’ve all got a social responsibility to each other – we need to be there for each other.”

The kindness he gave out into the world found its way back to him in 2019 when a bill for zero pounds (including the written guarantee to be available 24 hours to help her and keep her comfortable) James gave a 91-year-old cancer patient went viral and the country took note.

The plumber, struggling with debt due to his large heartedness, found himself the recipient of not just love from across the nation but also donations to the staggering tune of 80,000 pounds (~ Rs 80 lakhs) that in the end, helped cover his debt and now allows him to expand his service across different cities.    

Since the inception of Depher, James has connected with plumbers across Manchester, Lancashire, Leeds and parts of Scotland to provide the same aid across UK. And Depher is not done yet. Not by a long shot, to hear it from James Anderson.

"People are talking about doing it in America, France and Australia, and they're all going to contact me to get advice and guidance as to how to do it in their countries. Hopefully... we can bring all communities together for one common cause across the planet, so everybody who's elderly and disabled, not just in the UK, can benefit from something like this in society."
 – James Anderson, Depher

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Author's note:

Since 2017, every year, I take up the #BlogchatterA2Z challenge and focus on showcasing lovely real-life heroes from around the worldThe aim is to remind you that there is still plenty of good human beings all around you... to inspire you to smile once more.

Want more stories of compassion? 

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  1. Such a noble work by Anderson. We can only imagine about the large- heartedness of these real-life heroes. Thanks for sharing these amazing stories and spreading positivity.

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