Interviewing Heroes of Kindness

by - March 13, 2020

For those who don't know, my Heroes of Kindness blog series seeks out kind people from across the world, of all ages and nationalities, and showcasing their stories to remind readers that the world still has plenty of compassionate individuals left.

That there is still hope. That even in cynical and polarizing times like this, good human beings still exist. And in a thousand different ways, they spread kindness all around them, inspiring others.

I have been lucky over the last few years to be able to interact with some pretty amazing people during my search for inspiring individuals for the Heroes of Kindness series. This page is dedicated to the interviews I've conducted and I hope to keep updating it as more and more wonderful acts of kindness catch my eye.

Till then, check out the previews for these wonderful deeds below and if you like any, click their names to hear what they had to say when I chatted with them (or in some case, with the grateful benefactors of their kindness.)

board with written words on it

The Heroes I've been privileged to chat with till date:

Ashwani Kumar Parashar, a 22 year old medical student who is saving an entire village that India forgot about.

two men taking a selfie
Ashwani and I ended up being two of the guest speakers at the 2017 ChaT Youth Summit in Jaipur


Teenager Caroline Beckwith creates Customized Cheer Packages - Caroline's Cheer Packages - for Cancer Patients to bring a Smile on their faces.

 Chris Dempsey the man who selflessly gave his liver to a total stranger... and the fairy tale story that followed. His story has since been made into a Hallmark movie 'Once Upon a Christmas Miracle'

couple in a hospital bed


When a couple's dream cake got ruined on the eve of their wedding, cake maker Clare Vaz - who had never met or talked to the couple - worked overnight and made an exact replica of the wedding cake. 
(Includes my interview with the bride!)

couple cutting a wedding cake


Dr Ganesh Rakh started the 'Save the Girl Child' movement in India to end female foeticide and change the discriminatory mindset of both Indians and people abroad as well towards the female child.

indian doctor examining a newborn baby


Non-profit organization 'Why Waste' run by a young Indian teenager Garvita Gulhati - the only Indian to win the Global Changemaker award at Zurich in 2018 - works with lakhs of restaurants in India to help prevent wastage of water.

2 girls and a guy


When a technicality meant a young Kurdish woman and her baby faced certain death in Iraq, US soldier Greg Peppin found an ingenious way to save them. They would meet again 18 years later.

(includes my interview with one of the members of this story)


Jen Kramer wrote one social media 'love letter' every day thanking different people for their effect on her life, inspiring thousands to spread happiness and love.


Jessie Tendayi the hospital cafeteria worker who saved money from every paycheque for 8 years so that she can buy presents for all the hospitalized children during Christmas.

(includes my interview with staff at her hospital)

black woman with a lot of toys


When Jaden Hayes was orphaned at 6 years, he chose to deal with sadness by going around making strangers smile because he was tired of the sorrow all around him.
(Includes my interview with Jaden's legal guardian)

When Jaden Hayes was orphaned at 6 years, he chose to deal with sadness by going around making strangers smile because he was tired of the sorrow all around him.


When 11 people were trapped in a deadly riptide in Panama Beach, they needed more than kindness. They needed a superhero and a miracle. They got it in Jessica Mae and 80 selfless strangers. 

(Includes my interview with Jessica)

a happy smiling couple


Determined to make a difference, Father Jijo Kurian Built Over a 100 Cabin Homes for Kerala Flood Victims & the Homeless

cabin homes in Kerala


Ukranian couple Kristina Masalova & Eugene Petrus showed dogged determination to save a pup they found while on holiday and became global icons for pet adoption as well as travel along with the dog, Chapati. 
(Includes my interview with Kristina)

happy couple in the beach with a dog


Taking advantage of their resemblance to Disney Princesses, college students Kylee McGrane and Maggie McAndrew dress up as Princesses and visit sick children in hospitals to brighten their day.

women dressed as princesses
Kylee McGrane and Maggie McAndrew


12 year old Liam Hannon prepares and distributes thousands of papers bags filled with food to the homeless people in Cambridge.

12 year old Liam Hannon prepares and distributes thousands of papers bags filled with food to the homeless people in Cambridge.


Pooja Pradeep, via her organization 'Letters of Love' helps bring happiness to thousands of children stuck in a war they did not choose by 'donating the smiles' she receives from the public.

pretty Indian woman smiling


Despite suffering from a medical condition that severely restricted the use of her hands, elderly grandmother Prabha Mishra spent her extra time during vacations in America knitting over 200 caps for free for newborn babies in a nearby hospital.

mother and son taking a selfie


13 year old actor and activist Rylee Brooke Kamahele has been providing food to needy children, working to mould children into thoughtful leaders, lobbying for bills related to ocean conservation & wildlife protection and so much... all since the age of 8!

Children posing for a photograph


During the devastating 2015 Chennai floods, Santosh Muruganantham looked beyond his personal losses and cooked over 1,70,000 meals in four days to feed the affected people.

man holding an award


When radio jockey Sucharita Tyagi found out about the pitiable living conditions of one of the winners of her show's contest, she got the whole city of Mumbai to help change the blind woman's life forever.


One of India's largest student run organizations, Toy Joy collects and redistributes toys to underprivileged children across the country.

young man getting an award from President
Aryamaan Lakhotia, one of the co-founders of ToyJoy, receiving the Pradhan Mantri Rashtriya Bal Puraskar (formerly known as the National Bravery Awards) in the field of social service, from the President of India.


Despite facing hatred for being a Muslim immigrant refugee, Yassin Terou showered love on the people of Knoxville via his food and behaviour. Yassin's Falafel House ended up winning the Reader's Digest's 'Nicest Place in America' award.

Yassin's Falafel House ended up winning the Reader's Digest's 'Nicest Place in America' award.

Want more stories of compassion to brighten up your day? 
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  1. Wow! This brings me so much hope... Humanity is not completely wiped out then.

    1. Humanity exists. We need to showcase it better. That's my aim.

  2. Your lovely posts have filled my life with a lot of happiness Roshan- I think its incredible how you stumbled upon this idea and the way you have pursued it to bring these happy stories to the forefront is just marvelous. More power to you and these happy change makers

    1. Thank you so much. It is tough work but I am committed to doing this and bringing happiness all around

  3. Wow just going through these stories has filled my heart with so much hope and positivity. Keep doing the good work doc.

    1. Thanks R. Will keep doing this as long as I can

  4. Thank you for these stories. They are much needed in today's world.

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