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by - June 10, 2020

A little bit of betta fish love for today's Wordless Wednesday post. One of the new additions to the house this year has been aquariums which have a very soothing effect overall, in addition to keeping one busy.

What started out as a single tank for just plants is now (takes deep breath)
  • 2 large tanks
  • 1 small tank
  • 2 fish bowls
  • 13 guppies (cobra, albino, red etc)
  • 10 neon tetras
  • 8 algae eaters
  • 3 golden algae eaters
  • 3 male siamese fighting fish
  • 5 female siamese fighting fish
Oh, did I forget to mention that the various mating procedures has also resulted in us having 3 segregated mini-hatcheries within the large tank containing another 25 baby guppies we are feeding alongside about another 15 baby siamese fighting fish. Yes, things did get out of hand very quickly! (This probably gives you an idea of how I end up overeating at buffets too.)

Anyway, here's a few pictures from yesterday of two of our siamese fighting fish in the process of breeding, laying and depositing eggs.

betta fish breeding

siamese fighting fish breeding and laying eggs below a bubble nest

I have to admit, I am struggling where it comes to keeping the betta fry (the babies) alive. Four breeding endeavours by various pairs have resulted in (surely) over 250 eggs... not a single one except the above mentioned 15 baby siamese have survived till date. I am open to all ideas, fellow aquarium enthusiasts.

siamese fighting fish breeding and laying eggs below a bubble nest

Need video? (You pervs!) Anyway, here you go :)

Did I mention this... This male fellow who claims to be a siamese fighting fish (known for being aggressive) turned out to be an aquatic puppy dog who comes every morning to get pats on the back and belly rubs! 

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I've talked about Tapori before in the #meetthefish section here. It still makes me smile watching him rise to the top of the aquarium wagging his fins when he sees me enter the room. For a siamese fighting fish who nearly died after jumping out of the first tub he was kept in, Tapori has really mellowed down into a happy, trusting fish who've not in the least bit scared of us. I've lived my entire life with pet dogs. From a Doberman to a beagle, it's been heartwarming (and on some days, the only bright moment of the day) to watch those pet dogs come wagging their tail and demanding pats on the head & belly rubs. Nothing in my life has prepared me for this though... A fish that demands the same every morning!

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Have you ever had betta fish? What has your experience been like?
Do tell me. I am eager to hear your stories.

Authors note 

I am linking this post with Esha and Natasha for #WordlessWednesday. You can find more picture based posts there and add your own too. 

picture of plants

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  1. I only heard of Betta fish when I read, 10 Minutes 28 Seconds in this strange world! Beautiful, aren't they?

    Also, breeding and mating? Aren't they all brothers and sisters? :D

    1. betta are some of the most beautiful fish you can have in an aquarium... they have such vibrant colours and hues.... extremely temperamental though, especially the male when he sees any threat.

      As for being bros & sis, well... :D :D

  2. Years ago, we had a fish tank, with guppy, gold fish, angel fish, if I remember right.
    WE carried out the delivery of the guppy fish in a tub and as kid it was the first time we had seen something like that so we were overwhelmed seeing all those babies coming out of their mom's tummy. ;P
    We counted about 30, or so, I don't remember, but we were wonderstruck by the whole thing, I guess the same way you are now. ;P

  3. I tried keeping an aquarium once but with our constant moves it was so difficult to keep the fishes going. These are absolute beauties.

  4. Thanks for sharing this lovely post, Doc! No experience with Betta fish, so far. In fact, we've often deliberated on getting a fish tank but that didn't happen. If we did, though, I can see myself happily dropping all my work and spending hours just watching the fishes and their antics. :)

  5. Roshan,

    Your Betta fish always remind me to write a post on mine. Soon hopefully, but need good pictures. Let me try.

    Our Akira is quite like your Tapori. :)

  6. And how do you manage to do all of this along with your hospital duties! Please give me tips/


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